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Course Registration

 All courses include a final exam.
Essentials of Paint & Painting Technology

      A. All in one - includes 8 modules

Essentials of Paint and Painting Technology $350.00

      B. Separate Modules

1. Coating Technology $99.00
2. Paint Types and Manufacture $79.00
3. Color $79.00
4. Application $79.00
5. Safety $99.00
6. Specifications $79.00
7. Standards $79.00
8. Environment $79.00
Note: For separate modules, there is no certificate until all 8 modules have been taken and all exams have been passed. This way is more costly.

2. Level Two

Architectural Painting $1,125.00
Maintenance Repainting $1,125.00

For group discounts please contact the MPI office at 1-888-674-8937 or email Lucy at lucy@mpi.net.