Listing With MPI

A guide for manufacturers about listing your products with MPI using the new MPI Customer Portal

MPI has launched a CRM system for product testing

This guide is designed to provide information to both existing and new listing manufacturers on how to use the new customer portal and list products with MPI.

How Do I List my Products with MPI?

With our new Customer Portal, submitting applications and viewing results is easier than ever. But what if you’re not already a listing Manufacturer with MPI? How do you go about working with MPI to test and list your products? Follow along below to get started!

  • Create an account with us by visiting our new Customer Portal!

    1. Go to
    2. Use the blue “Log in or Sign up” button in the upper right
    3. Follow the prompts and fill in the required fields to setup your account

    1. When logged in to, click on Ask a Question in the upper bar
    2. Send us a question asking to have your company added to the system
      1. Nothing too fancy is required at this step; we’re just getting the ball rolling here!

    1. At this point, we’ll send you a few documents that need filled out and returned
      1. Return them through our Customer Portal so that we can review and add the information into our system
    2. Once this is done, you’ll be notified that you’re eligible to submit applications for testing!

    1. Remember! X-Green and Intended Use Categories do not require physical samples
    2. For those that do require samples, make sure to properly secure the can, affix the PS# (generated in the application process), and include a copy of the SDS
      1. If the sample is from outside of the United States, complete and include the TSCA Certification form
    3. For a complete step-by-step of this process, go to

  • Congratulations!

    If you made it this far in the process, you’re on the homestretch. All that remains is to await your results. Once the product passes review, it’ll be marked as “Pass” and you’ll be notified that the record has updated. At that point, simply login and view your Product History to view the results and even download a copy of the report! You can also use these tools to track the status of applications and ask additional questions. At MPI, we’re here to help, and with our new Customer Portal, the process is easier than ever.

How Do I View My Old Testing Reports?

This new customer portal business is good and all, but you have reports from the old system, too. How can you see those? Well, good news: they’re waiting for you, and it’s easier than you think!

Reports Archive

Go to our reports archive at

This might be a bit familiar, as it’s the old address. It got a bit of a visual facelift, but is otherwise the same


Login using your previous credentials

If you need these, use the Ask a Question link to get in touch with us and we’ll assist you!

View Reports

View the reports as you used to do

The reports themselves are unchanged from when they were originally issued

Ask a Question - MPI

Click on the link below to go to MPI's customer help desk and submit a question.
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