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The Standards Community is comprised of ten groups. Eight of these are formed from MPI’s architectural coatings testing categories (LINK), while the ninth encompasses all materials related to substrates, surface preparation, and application while the tenth, and newest group, has been formed to review the MPI 500 series of performance Standards.

Together, these groups encompass the entirety of the painting process, and are designed to ensure a successful selection, preparation, and application.


  • Exterior Primer/Sealer/Fillers, Solvent Based
  • Exterior Intermediate or Top Coat, Solvent Based
  • Exterior Primer/Sealer/Fillers, Water Based
  • Exterior Intermediate or Top Coat, Water Based
  • Interior Primer/Sealer/Fillers, Solvent Based
  • Interior Intermediate or Top Coat, Solvent Based
  • Interior Primer/Sealer/Fillers, Water Based
  • Interior Intermediate or Top Coat, Water Based
  • Application Processes
  • 500 Series
  • Details


The MPI Standards Community Hub is being created. On this hub each group will have a list of current active projects that are under review by its members. Clicking on an individual project will pull up the related details. Further, a list of each group’s MPI categories will also be available.

Meetings Documents


This new endeavor initially met for an overview of the planned structure and procedures in August of 2021 at the MPI Commercial Coatings Summit in Washington D.C. Our second meeting took place at Coatings+ in Phoenix, Arizona December 2021. There is still time to join us as the final groups have not yet been announced.


The Standards Community’s Group 10 will meet in person:

  • March 20th, 2023
  • 8am in the Colorado Convention Center, Denver
  • at AMPP’s Annual Conference and Expo
Where we will be reviewing MPI 505 and 510, two of the newest standards developed alongside and for NAVFAC, as well as open discussion on potential new standards.

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