An Institute dedicated to the establishment of quality, performance and sustainable coatings standards.
MPI has an aim to elevate the Industry through standards, information and education.

Please visit any of the websites below that suit the varied needs of painting professionals.

specify-green Specify-Green
Specify Green

What you need to know about environmental issues as it pertains to the world of paint & coatings.

Specify-Paint Specify-Paint
Specify Paint

Specific access to what you need to know about paint system choices, paint system surface preparation, approved paint products, painting specifications for both new construction (architectural painting) and maintenance painting.

Paint-Info Paint-Info
Paint Info

The practical and technical aspects of today's paints and coatings and their professional application.

MPI Training

MPI Training unique courses designed to educate students, from the neophyte to the professional, in paint and painting technology, architectural painting (including painting systems, system evaluation and painting system preparation), maintenance painting (including identification of failures and DSD levels) and MPI certified architectural painting inspection.

Approved-Products Approved-Products
Approved Products

The MPI Approved Products List is published twice a year in booklet form and updated regularly here, on the web monthly
(at the first of the month).

MPI-Shop Shop-MPI
MPI Store

Shop for MPI technical manuals, MPI Approved Products Lists, MPI Product Standards, etc.