About MPI

Helping you ensure your paint and coatings perform.

We help manufacturers, contractors, and applicators ensure the performance of paints and coatings meets the needs of asset owners, architects, and specifiers in the architectural, commercial, and industrial coatings sectors around the world.

By assuring the performance of paints and coatings and the highest level of skill and integrity in application, we help reduce risk for all.


Transforming the painting industry through collaboration, unparalleled coatings performance testing, a focus on environmental and sustainable initiatives, and vital educational programs.


To unify the painting industry by becoming the global authority on coatings performance, materials testing, and excellence through education.

Our Story

Founded in 1995, the Master Painters Institute (MPI) was formed to provide services and information on behalf of the Master Painters and Decorators Association (MPDA), founded in 1885. At the end of the 1990’s, MPI published the Architectural Specification Manual and the Maintenance Repainting Manual, now considered vital tools for the Architectural Coatings Industry.

The acquisition by AMPP (Formerly NACE) in 2017 has allowed global expansion in North American, Latin America, Asia, and other international markets. Since then, MPI has developed the 500 Series of Standards, Decision Tree Tools, and expanded upon our Training Modules.

Today, we are the only independent third-party organization that sets performance standards for commercially available paints and coatings that has been adopted by the US and Canadian governments.



MPI Formed


MPI Specification Manual published


Coating Lab Established


GSA replaced U.S. Federal paint Specs with MPI/U.S. Navy Guide UFGS


Canadian national Master Spec / U.S. Military UFGS


MPI Environment Standards


AIA Masterspec, Speclink, SPEX


Green Performance Standard #1


Essentials of Paint & Painting Technology Course


Green Performance Standard #2


X-Green Standard


Architectural & Maintenance Course


Inspection Course


MPI Acquired by AMPP, Formally NACE


MPI 500 Series pf Standards Launched


First MPI Summit held in Washington , DC
/ MPI Standards community formed


MPI Restoration / repaint decision Tree™ Tool launched

What We Do

Product Performance
Testing and Listing

We help ensure paint and coating product performance by developing technical standards and providing material testing in accordance with the standards. All testing is performed using ASTM compliant testing equipment and methods at an accredited laboratory to ISO17025 for a specific scope of paint analysis.

All tested products that have met or exceeded their performance standards are listed in the Approved Products List (APL).

Performance Standards
and Standards Community

MPI, along with Industry experts, have developed a wide range of technical product performance standards. These have been developed to meet the needs of the industry, with new categories arising as new technologies emerge and are adapted for commercial use. The current standards are reviewed, and new standards are suggested as part of the MPI Standards Community meetings.


Our Specification Manuals guide you through each step of selecting coating systems for new or repaint projects and serve as a reference guide to promote quality assurance in products and workmanship.

  • Written by industry experts
  • Available online and printed
  • Online option provides access to most current version   
  • Access to exclusive MPI Decision Tree Specification Tool

Decision Tree™ Tools

Our new Decision Trees™ Tools provide step-by-step help with specifying the best coating systems, surface preparation and products tailored for the job – providing the user with downloadable:

  • Tailored specifications with chosen systems.
  • Paint finishing shedule with selected products.
  • MPI Surface Preparation Standards

Training Program

Our training program provides the paint and coatings knowledge needed at any stage of your career to increase workmanship quality and reduce costly do-overs and mistakes. Our four online courses cover everything from basic paint principals to architectural and maintenance repainting specification to quality assurance and inspection.

MPI Certified Inspectors

MPI training program, along with your industry experience, can put you on the path to becoming an MPI Certified Inspector. Professional Coatings Inspectors are there to provide quality assurance to a coating project.
There are four main areas that a professional coatings inspector can assist with:

  • Specification
  • Bid Tour
  • Inspection
  • Consultation

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