MPI offers a number of respected publications on painting specifications, terminology and failure recognition.

Testing & Listing


Architectural Painting Specification Manual (ASM)
Architectural Painting
Specification Manual (ASM)
The Master Painter's Glossary

Written by industry experts, the architectural specification manual covers all aspects of new build coating. It Includes evaluations on system options, descriptions of interior and exterior finishing systems, surface preparations, an approved product listing, and more.

Maintenance Repainting Specification Manual (RSM)
Maintenance Repainting
Specification Manual (RSM)
The Master Painter's Glossary

The ultimate reference for those responsible in the upkeep of indoor and outdoor coverings. It describes all coating products and their systems, suggests evaluation and assessment methods, explains how to prepare each surface for repainting, and encourages high painting standards.

Approved Products List (APL)
Approved Products List
The Master Painter's Glossary

MPI’s Approved Products List (APL) is the industry standard for finding the right product to fit the job. With myriad standards covering a wide array of architectural and light industrial painting situations, the APL is here to support the needs of contractors, architects, specifiers, and manufacturers.

MPI Performance Standards
MPI Performance Standards The Master Painter's Glossary

MPI develops technical standards and executes paint testing in accordance with the standards, using ASTM compliant testing equipment and methods. There are over 200 Standards for coating performance, each of which are required to pass all the specified tests for the applicable standard.

The Master Painter's Glossary
The Master Painter's Glossary The Master Painter's Glossary

The definitive "A to Z" of painting terminology. Included are over 2000 descriptions, definitions for coating properties, conditions, and preparation steps, painting techniques, and decorative terms. An essential handbook for the professional and an excellent learning guide for new painters.

Maintenance Repainting Catalog of Defects and Failure
Maintenance Repainting Catalog of Defects & Failure The Master Painter's Glossary

This handy MPI researched booklet uses pictures to help identify defects and failures in painting projects. Professionals and novices will benefit from the descriptions of common failures and the probable causes. A quick read can help anybody prevent costly mistakes.

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