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MPI’s Approved Products List (APL) is the industry standard for finding the right product to fit the job. With myriad standards covering a wide array of architectural and light industrial painting situations, the APL is here to support the needs of contractors, architects, specifiers, and manufacturers.
The APL is available as a searchable and filterable list, as well as in two indexed formats: by MPI standard number as well as by Group. The Group index is divided on the axis of both interior versus exterior as well as solvent-based versus water-based. These are the same groups used to delineate the MPI Standards Community.

Environmental Performance
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To keep pace with modern developments, and support the selection of environmentally friendly coatings, MPI offers the Extreme Green™ (“X-Green”) standards, which incorporate MPI’s Green Performance Standards (GPS).

Performance Standards
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Learn more about the types of standards MPI has to offer, and how each support the industry in different ways.

Knowledge Base Questions and Answers
Knowledge Base Questions
and Answers
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Want to take a deeper dive into MPI’s Testing and Listing Program? Check out our Knowledge Base for commonly asked questions and answers on anything from standard types to the benefits of listing with MPI.

MPI Listing Manufacturers
MPI Listing
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View the up to date list of manufacturers who have products on the Approved Products List

MPI Decision Tree ™
MPI Decision
Tree ™
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Leverage the power of MPI’s Systems and Approved Products List to create tailored project specifications in minutes.