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Decision Tree FAQ

Why can I no longer access the Architectural Decision Tree Tool as part of my Manual Subscription?

The prior version of the Decision Tree tool was outdated, the technology had become deprecated and it was no longer meeting the needs of industry. Due to that, we had to make substantial investment in and plan to continue investing (including mobile app functionality) in the new tool. To ensure we have resources to build upon and improve the tool it was necessary to make it a product. We feel certain that the new tool will save time and money for those utilizing it.

If I currently have the latest specification manual, what value do I get from subscribing to the Decision Tree?

The decision tree is designed to take your inputs and quickly drill into the needed systems and get you customized specifics to your project.

Why would my company or organization want to invest in the Decision Tree?

Ultimately, time is money. The Decision Tree tool is designed to save you time and give you options on paint systems that its possible were not considered had you not utilized the tool. Additionally, the Decision Tree will add additional logic to decisions made about paint systems which you can download and attach to your project specifications.

I am a current subscriber to the Online Specification Manual – what are my options?

As a current loyal subscriber, you have two exciting new choices:

  • Swap your current subscription to the new Decision Tree Tools, at no extra cost for the remainder of your subscription term. After it expires you will be charged the new Decision Tree renewal rate.
  • Keep your current Online Manual Subscription, while investing in the new Decision Tree Tools subscription at a largely discounted rate.

Contact us if you would like to choose one of these options, or for more information.

Do you offer groups subscriptions at a discounted rate?

There are various group subscriptions options available. Contact us with the number of people that would be using the Tools to receive a tailored discounted quotation.

Are there any specification training courses available to assist with specifying and understanding the systems?

The MPI Training Program has two courses that are intended to provide a comprehensive guide on Specifying for both Rebuild and New coatings projects. This includes a complete run through of all the MPI systems.

Architectural Painting Specification

Maintenance Repainting Specification

What is the outcome of the tool and the steps, what do I get. After going through the tool, how do I receive the recommendations or plan?

Once you input all of the prompts in the tool, from the final page you will be able to access and download the following elements:

  • List of the chosen systems, and corresponding MPI APL #.
  • List of the MPI Approved products based on the systems chosen, that you can then filter by manufacturer, green options, and other filters. To be outputted into a paint finishing schedule.
  • A complete Interior or Exterior specification, that includes your project details and chosen systems.

Additionally, for the Repainting/Restoration tool:

  • List of the chosen DSD types and severity, plus the corresponding MPI Repainting Surface Preparations Standards for the Repainting/Restoration Tool.
  • Copy of the MPI Repainting Surface Preparation Standards
What if the system suggestions do not include products that I would expect to see?

Based on your chosen options, not all systems will be shown. You can try going back a few steps and making different choices, like the environmental condition, this will then result in different systems choices being suggested.

How to I download a Specification?

On the final page, once you have gone through the 12 steps, you will see at the bottom of the page the options to download the Interior or Exterior tailored specification.

I have both Interior and Exterior parts of the project to specify, how would I do that with this tool?

Start with either the Interior or Exterior aspects of the project and then on the final page it gives you the options to go back and select additional systems. Now you would choose the other part of the project. Then at the end you will be able to download, both an Interior and an Exterior Guide specification that has been tailored to your project.