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Current Manufacturers

Greetings! If you are a currently listed manufacturer with MPI, you’ll find a series of helpful links, documents, and answers to common questions below. If you are representing a company that is not yet listed, but wants to get started, click here to go to the new manufacturer page.

Customer Portal

The customer portal is where the majority of the testing and listing work takes place:

  • Submit applications for testing.
  • Review the status of current applications.
  • Download reports for completed testing.

If you do not know your login information or are otherwise having trouble, please follow the prompts on the Customer Portal login screen to reset your password or otherwise get assistance.

Customer Portal

Important Documents

Testing Costs 2024.pdf

Schedule for MFG 2024.pdf

Approved Products List

The Approved Products List (APL) is where products that pass MPI’s testing are listed. The APL is updated monthly as new products are added and discontinued or failing products are removed. To see all products for a given manufacturer, click on the manufacturer’s name in a given listing.

Approved Products List

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base has answers to many commonly asked questions related to testing, listing, and associated costs.

Who can Submit Applications and List Products with MPI?

Only original manufacturers and distributors (with the permission of the original manufacturer) are allowed to list products with MPI.

To access the application system, login to your Customer Portal account and select "Submit Application" from the navigation bar. If the option is not present, use "Ask a Question" to submit a request for access. 

What are the Different Types of MPI Standards?
  1. Intended Use Category: This category includes 69 subcategories that are rarely specified in architectural specifications. Physical samples are not required for testing, but a thorough review of the product literature, including TDS and SDS, is required.
  2. Evaluated Performance Category: This category includes 14 subcategories of paint that are specified more frequently in architectural specifications and require some laboratory testing on a physical sample.
  3. Detailed Performance Category: This category includes 109 subcategories of paint that are regularly specified in architectural specifications and require thorough testing in the lab. Each subcategory has specific tests that are required.
  4. X-Green Category: This is an environmentally friendly sub-category of one of the above categories. A listing first requires that the product has passed the testing of the base category. X-Green categorizations then require a current CHPS Certification, the absence of chemicals from a banned list, and a maximum VOC of 50g/L.
How Do I View my Testing Reports from the Old Portal?

To submit an application, log in to your Customer Portal Account, and select "Submit Application" from the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Then, complete all the fields marked with an asterisk and hit "Submit." You will receive a confirmation message and PS# showing that the application was successful.
For further instructions, please reference our Detailed Application Walkthrough.

How Do I Prepare my Sample for Delivery to the MPI Lab?

After submitting your application, if you have selected either a Detailed or Evaluated Performance Category, you will need to send a physical sample to the lab for testing. The application confirmation page will have your PS# and the address of our testing facility.

Secure a 1 gallon sample can with safety clips, ensure the PS# is on the can, and include a copy of the SDS and TDS with the shipment. If the sample is originating outside of the U.S., please include the TSCA form as well.

Manufacturers are responsible for all incurred costs of shipping.

If a sample arrives at the lab in a damaged state, MPI will ask for a new sample to be sent.

How Do I Renew my MPI Approval?

An MPI listing is active for up to two years, based on when the product was approved compared to the product testing schedule. When a product is due for testing, MPI will send a notice to the designated contact for the manufacturer indicating which products are due. At that time, login to the Customer Portal and fill out a confirmation testing application for the product. If required for the category type, prepare, label, and send in a sample as needed.

How do I Contact MPI for Support or Additional Questions?

Head over to to submit any questions, which will be routed to the right personnel.

Questions on testing and listing can be directly sent to

How Long Does it Take for a Product to be Approved?

The time required for testing is heavily impacted by the standard being tested. Intended Use and X-Green listings are generally completed within a week, while exterior products that require accelerated weathering and biological testing (which is only performed after the accelerated weathering) can take several months. Questions on specific category testing estimates can be directed to as noted above.

Can a Product be Removed from the MPI Approved Products List?

Products can be removed for several reasons. The most common is that the manufacturer has stopped producing the material and asked for the listing to be removed. More rarely, a product is removed due to repeated confirmation testing failures, and the manufacturer has declined to pursue remediation. In other cases, products are removed if the manufacturer declines or fails to send in samples for confirmation testing.

What are the Requirements for a Product to be Approved?

Requirements are based on the standard being used for testing. Testing generally includes established performance methods like cleansability, flexibility, accelerated weathering and many more. Specific details can be found in the requisite standards that are on offer in MPI’s online store.

What are the Benefits of MPI’s Approved Products List?

For manufacturers, MPI’s testing ensures a level playing field by testing all products in a category to the same requirements. Manufacturers can point to the MPI Approval as a trusted third party performance-based assessment of their products.

For specifiers, asset owners, and contractors, MPI’s Approved Product List provides peace of mind that any listed product has met the rigorous requirements of MPI’s standards. The Approved Products List also provides a simplified and flexible way to specify a coating type for use in projects, and is made easier by the APL’s inclusion in the American Institute of Architect’s Masterspec as well as MPI’s own Decision Tree utility.