MPI Approved Products List (APL)

With over 230 MPI # Exterior and Interior categories; and the approved products that meet or exceed the specific standard definition.

The MPI Approved Products List (APL)


  • Approved products listed by MPI #
  • High Performance Categories
  • Low Odor/Low VOC Categories
  • Regulatory designations
  • LEED designations
  • MPI VOC ranges (E3-E0)
  • Green Performance rating (GP1 or GP2)
  • X-Green (Extreme Green) Categories
  • National Manufacturers
  • Regional Manufacturers
  • US, Canada and International editions

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The MPI Approved Products List - Uses

Coatings projects will specify Coatings Systems from the MPI Specification Manuals. These Coatings Systems are made up of MPI Performance Standards Categories, which are the ones that make up the MPI Approved Products List.

Once a required Coatings System and the subsequent Performance Standard Categories have been specified; the MPI Approved Products List can by utilized to choose products listed in those Performance Standard Categories. Making the choice by looking at specific Manufacturer, VOC, Leed or Regulatory requirements. While having the piece of mind that all the products listed have been submitted for, and passed, the require performance testing to be listed in those Performance Standard Categories.

Types of Performance Standards

There are four main Performance Standard Categories, that products can be submitted under for testing and listing in the MPI Approved Products List.

What are the Different Types of MPI Performance Standards?

  • Intended Use: This group includes 69 categories that are rarely specified in architectural specifications. Physical samples are not required for testing, but a thorough review of the product literature, including TDS and SDS, is required. For some, like fire resistant products, external validation of requirements must be shown.
  • Evaluated Performance: This grouping includes 14 standards for products that are specified more frequently in architectural specifications than Intended Use products and require some laboratory testing on a physical sample.
  • Detailed Performance: This is the main grouping of standards and includes 109 standards for products that are regularly specified in architectural specifications and require thorough testing in the lab. Each standard has specific tests that are required, and some of those tests can take several months to complete.
  • X-Green Category: This is an environmentally friendly sub-category of a specific evaluated or detailed performance category. An X-Green listing first requires that the product has passed testing for the base category. X-Green categorizations also require a current Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) Certification, the absence of all chemicals from a provided list of prohibited chemicals, and a maximum VOC of 50g/L

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