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Recession Proofing Your Business and Playing the Long Game

Recession Proofing Your Business and Playing the Long Game.

In these challenging economic times, most contractors have had a fairly good run with strong financial performance. Now there are concerns that this prosperity is threatened by various economic forces at play that threaten to stifle construction growth.

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The MPI Standards Community – How Can We Collaborate to Improve the Industry?

Learn how MPI plays a role in the architectural/commercial painting industry. This webcast primarily focuses on paint performance standards and the development of the MPI Standards Community. We cover how volunteers from the industry can help MPI update current standards and develop new standards.

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The 500 Series: MPI and Navy Specifications

Join us as we explore MPI's new 500 Series standards. Developed by MPI and NAVFAC, these new standards represent both a clear path for manufacturers to join the Approved Products List as well as a way for specifiers and architects to leverage the rigorous requirements originally set forth by the Navy.

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