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MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspectors

MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspectors are industry professionals and independent contractors that have completed the MPI Training Program, met the additional criteria, and passed the MPI Inspector Appraisal.

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The Role Of An Architectural Coatings Inspector

Architectural Coatings Inspectors are there to provide quality assurance to a coating project.

There are three main areas that an Architectural Coatings Inspector usually assist with:


An Architectural Coatings Inspector will write full, comprehensive and site-specific coatings specifications for Architectural coatings projects, based on the MPI Standards and Systems.

The specifications:

  • Identifies the scope of work, surface preparation and application procedures.
  • Outline precisely the work and methods to be used.
  • Bid Tour (owner’s selected painting contractors).

On completion of the specification, and with approval by the owner’s representative an Architectural Coatings Inspector can arrange a bid tour to:

  • Advise on what to look for when choosing a paint contractor
  • Clearly identify area of concern and answer any questions arising from the specification.
  • Allow for any addendums to the specification.


The Architectural Coatings Inspector will schedule an inspection program, with the number of site visits based on the size and complexity of the project. This would include regular site visits/inspections, followed up by clear and concise reports sent to all concerned parties at each stage of the coating project.

The inspections include:

  • Inspection of substrates to ensure adequate surface preparation.
  • Temperature, moisture and humidity tests to ensure conditions are appropriate.
  • Ensure that products used are the correct MPI Approved Products
  • Overview of workmanship to enforce conformance to MPI standards.


If a coatings project does experience some kind of failure, A certified Inspector can assist with an objective consultation, this can include:

  • Review of specification and products used.
  • Review of work carried out including preparation and application.
  • Assess the failure and possibly causes.
  • Report on findings